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This is a 9" by 13" gouache painting that is part of a series done to reimagine Thumbelina. It was painted on 300 pound cold pressed Arches water color paper, so the paper has little to no creasing, and should stand the test of time with no discoloration or ripping, if handled correctly. As of right now, the piece is unmatted/unframed, but if you would like to purchase it with a frame, I can definitely get that done! The price would change to accomodate the frame and matting.

Thumbelina 2

SKU: 364215376135191
  • This is the second painting in the Thumbelina series, which were both painted in 2018. Even though the sister painting has a very cool, wintery palette, I wanted this one to be it's opposite, using much warmer, earthier colors. The scene I was depicting is the part of the story where Thumbelina is adrift in the stream, carried away on a lilypad from the frogs that kidnapped her. 

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