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Brushing Their Beautiful Hair
Collecting Corals
Diving Deep Underwater
Eating Seaweed Sandwhiches
Fins of All Shapes and Colors
Gazing at the Stars
Holding little Fish Close
Inspecting Sunken Ships
King Crab
Laying out on the beach
Mermaids and Mermen
Narwhal racing
Pearl Necklaces
Queen of the Ocean
Ray Fish
Singing to Sailors
Turtles swimming overhead
Vibrant Fish
Whale waving
X-ray fish
Yellow Submarine
Zebra Fish

The mermaid alphabet is a full set of illustrations, going through the entire alphabet, meant to give a narrative and theme inspired by mermaids, and sea life. I was inspired to do this alphabet after a long-standing fascination with mermaids as a little girl, and how I might represent them now in my work. I wanted the illustrations to be whimsical, as well as informative, with a diverse set of imagery and color. 

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