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This is a 9" by 12" gouache painting that is part of a series done to reimagine Thumbelina. It was painted on 300 pound Arches water color paper, so the paper has little to no creasing, and should stand the test of time with no discoloration or ripping, if handled carefully. As of right now, the piece is unmatted/framed, but if you would like to purchase it with a frame, I can definitely get that done! The price would change to accomodate the frame and matting. 


  • I've always loved fairytales, and Thumbelina is such a lovely, imaginative story that has kind of flown under the radar. This painting went through many different ititerations, and it was quite the labor of love. I spent a lot of time trying to perfect the colors, as well as the small details. It was super important to me that the painting evoke a calm, almost wintery feel, with the berries and the ravens. I fancy this scene as when winter is winding down near the end of the story, and spring returns again. 

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